Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rave Testimonials for Magical MousePainting:


"I have discovered through Paint, that I have a great sense of design and colour, which I didn't know."

"Funny. The drawings you chose for your blogspot are the ones that I thought were my worst and almost erased. "

"I have still been experimenting with Paint and have created so many different things just for fun."


"This is an amazing tool for people in business to access and free up their own creativity."

"I would endorse and recommend it to anyone who is interested in beginning to computerize graphic design in many fields."

"It would be great for fashion and interior design, cartooning, scrap-booking and so much more."

"What a fantastic creative activity for shut-ins and people with disabilities!"

"I think it is something that my grandchildren will enjoy doing when they come over. I can just hear them saying , 'cool'."

"Suggest it for parents, grandparents, babysitters to use with children. Stop playing electronic games for a while and be creative together. "

"I even showed it to my parents' caregiver in hopes that he can get my mother involved using it in a simple way."

"My granddaughter even did a couple when she stayed here last weekend."

"I'm much happier using the already made shapes so that my lines are straight"

"I get a real kick out of filling in the spaces with paint."

"Find it very relaxing."

"I am not playing Solitaire any more as this is much more creative and takes only a few minutes."

"It really is a lot of fun to create and fill in the blanks."

"We have been playing with various patterns and colours."

Preview testimonials to Magical MousePainting book:

"As I was going through the different parts of the book, I could hardly wait to see what other possibilities would unfold."

"I think that it's a wonderful, fun book."

"I am astounded by the amount of work that this must have been for you to do."

"I loved the illustrations. "

"It is really an impressive work."

"It is an easy-to-follow guide to artistic use of the computer to further and enhance methods of expression through colour and design."

"It looks great."

"It worked easily for me. Your directions are clear....."

Forwarding 'experiments' for posting:

"If you like, I'll send all of mine to you. I have had fun with the titles, as well."

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